A full day with Leonardo da Vinci

On the occasion of the 500 years of Leonardo’s death – Leonardo died in 1519 in France- Unique Retreats celebrate the Italian genius taking your clients on a day tour to discover Milan as seen by him. Follow our art historians through the paths and corners of the Milan by Leonardo da Vinci and let them whisper the secrets of the genius and of the court of Ludovico il Moro, the Lord of Milan. Leonardo had wanted to work for Ludovico il Moro for a long time: Milan was flourishing in art and economy under the reign of the Moro (the “Dark one” as per the colour of Ludovico’s skin) and his charming, wife Beatrice d’Este. The court of Ludovico il Moro was well known all over Europe for its elegance, its support of liberal arts and the expansionist plans of the Lord. Leonardo longed to use his many talents and be proved in so many different areas. He was not one to refuse a challenge…or even more challenges. His desire was so strong as to write what is considered to be the first cover letter of the world. He described his multiple talents, what he could do for his lordship, Ludovico il Moro (the horse statue in bronze Ludovico was keen on) and finally add he was a “discreet painter”, in time of peace. Quite an understatement by the man who is known for such masterpieces as “Monna Lisa” and the “Last Supper”.